1200Ah FIAMM 2V Gel Deep Cycle Battery

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Sealed Gel Deep Cycle Battery
1200 Ah @ 100hr Discharge Rate
1000 Ah @ 10hr Discharge Rate
233L x 210W x 679H mm
Weight: 72 kg

Features / Description

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Type Sealed Gel
Model SMG-1000
Voltage 12 V
Capacity @ C10 Rate 1000 Ah
Capacity @ C100 Rate 1200 Ah
Dimensions 233L x 210W x 679H mm
Weight 72.0 kg
Float Voltage 2.25V/cell @ 20oC
Boost Charge 2.4V/cell
Maximum Charge Current 0.25 C10A (ie: 100Ah cell max charge 25A)
Float voltage Temp Compensation - 2.5mV/oC/Cell
Self Discharge  < 2% / month @ 20oC

Applicable Standards

  • DIN 40742 – specification OPzV cells
  • DIN 43539T5 – deep DOD cycling and deep discharge recovery
  • IEC 60896 Part 21 – VRLA methods of testing 
  • IEC 60896 Part 22 – VRLA requirements
  • Eurobat “Long Life” – 12 years and longer

FIAMM Manufacturing

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001 Workplace Safety and Health

Technical Features

  • Tubular positive plates, pressure cast from high tin / low calcium alloy 
  • Electrolyte immobilized in gel structure 
  • Highly porous gauntlets retain the active material 
  • Pasted negative plates designed to have service lives consistent with the positive plates 
  • Separators with extremely high porosity and low internal resistance 
  • Standard ABS plastic 
  • Container and lid designed for unsurpassed mechanical strength made of thick walled plastics 
  • Threaded female M10 terminal posts guarantee highest conductivity, maximum torque retention and easy installation 
  • High integrity post seal design to prevent electrolyte leakage and terminal corrosion 
  • Flame arrestors precent sparks or flames from entering the battery 
  • Cells equipped with one-way safety valves to allow excess gas to escape when overcharging 
  • < 2% self-discharge per month at 20°C allows 6 months shelf life 
  • Installation in vertical or horizontal position 
  • Flexible, fully insulated cable connectors with insulated screw with probe hole on the top for electrical measurement


General Specifications

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Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 72.0000
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