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220Ah ENDUROGEL 12V Gel Deep Cycle Battery

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Sealed GEL Deep Cycle Battery
198Ah @ C20
220Ah @ C100
530 x 207 x 215mm
Weight: 55kg

Features / Description

The Power Charge ENDUROGEL is a rechargeable Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery.

Genuine Gel technology is used to construct the battery along with high purity (99.9%) lead plates, microporous German manufactured gel separators, thixotropic gel electrolyte held in the separator, and tin alloy which assists in the prevention of plate delamination.

In addition, the ENDUROGEL has a Catalyst Life Extender installed in the headspace. The Catalyst prevents battery dryout by reducing the loss of water vapour that is created during cycling. These essential gasses are then recombined and replaced back into the battery to assist in preventing battery sulphation, dryout and premature failure. The Catalyst enables the battery to have the same design life of 12 years at 30°C as it does at 20°C.


  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid
  • Low self discharge
  • Maintenance free
  • Multi-position usage
  • Non-hazardous - FAA and IATA approved
  • Stand-by service: 12 year life
  • Optional - flame retardant
  • Fully tank formed plates
  • Gelled thixotropic electrolyte
  • Spill-proof / Leak Proof
  • Catalyst Life Extender


General Specifications

Manufacturer ENDUROGEL

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 55.0000
Dimensions 530 x 207 x 215mm

Electrical Specifications

Capacity @ 20C 198Ah
Capacity @ 100C 220Ah
Battery Voltage 12V
Battery Tech Sealed GEL


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