3000W 1-Phase 48Vdc IMEON 3.6 Hybrid Inverter (C/W Meter)

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3000W 1-Phase 48Vdc IMEON 3.6 Hybrid Inverter (C/W Meter)

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Quick Overview

Nominal output power: 3000 W
Battery voltage: 42 to 58 Vdc
Max Solar Voltage: 510 Vdc
Includes Smart Energy Meter

Product Description


Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 x 580 x 165mm
Protection category IP 20
Weight 18 kg
Connectivities TL (transformless)
Connectors USB / Modbus / Ethernet - IP (optional)
Conditions of use Programmable (yes by default)
Guarantee 5 years / Extensions to 10 years (optional)


Grid AC (On-Grid & Off-Grid)

Nominal output power 3000 W
Maximum output power 6000 W(1)
AC voltage / Frequency (input & output) 230 Vac (±15 %) / 50 Hz , 60 Hz (±5 Hz)
Nominal output current 13 A
Maximum current 26 A (1)
Feed in to grid Programmable (Yes by default)
Energy consumption priorities Programmable (PV / Storage / Grid)


Solar Installation

Maximum input power 1500-4000 Wp (2)
Start-up voltage 150 V
Number of MPPT inputs 1
MPPT voltage range 120-450 V
Maximum input current 18 A
Maximum input voltage 510 V
Maximum efficiency (DC -> AC) > 95.5%
Priorities of solar production use Programmable (Consumption / Storage / Grid)


Battery & Charge

DC nominal voltage / DC voltage range 48 Vdc / 42 to 58 Vdc
Maximum discharge current 80 A
Maximum charging current 25 A
Type of batteries Gel, AGM, Lithium (3)
Charging curve 3-phase (Bulk / Absorption / Float)
Maximum efficiency (PV -> Battery) >94%
Maximum efficiency (Battery <--> AC) >93%
Battery charge Programmable (threshold / timing range via AC Grid)
Battery discharge Programmable (2 thresholds according to grid availability)

(1) Maximum possible overload power with grid activated.
(3) Lithium battery brands compatible with IMEON.
(2) Taking into account the full inverter specifications.

IMEON Smart Grid inverter technology is the all-in-one answer for true multi-energy sources management. Consuming one’s own solar production directly, storing in batteries for later use or in case of power cuts, and also injecting to, or consuming from, the grid only when needed, is now all possible. Extensive French research and innovation helped revolutionise this built-in intelligence and energy management to finally enable real control over one’s power.

Smart Grid

With the smart management and the real time multi energy phase coupling, IMEON optimises solar yields by choosing the ideal energy mode: direct consumption (self-use), storing the surplus of production, drawing from the grid, or injecting the solar surplus to the grid. IMEON adapts automatically to the installation without complex configurations.


There is no longer the need for separate components such as charge controllers or added inverters. The overall cost of the photovoltaic system can therefore be reduced by 30% (According to condition of use). IMEON’s innovative Smart-Grid function allows to lower the storage capacity, reduce battery cycling, as well as further prolonging the battery life.

All in one

The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter is specifically designed for any solar installation, regardless whether the system is an Off-Grid, Back-Up, Grid-Tie, or a hybrid power system. IMEON is a complete Plug-and-Play smart inverter which simplifies the installation process and reduces the overall setup time of a solar system.


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