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415W SunPower Performance P6 Residential Solar Panel

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415W Solar Panel
1808 x 1086 x 30mm
Max Power: 13.76 A @ 30.2 V
25 Year Product Warranty!
25 Year Power Warranty!
CEC Approved Solar Module


Features / Description

With high efficiency, LID-resistant solar cells (G12, 210mm), a lower temperature coefficient, and front-side conductive wires that support increased current collection, SunPower Performance panels are uniquely engineered to deliver more lifetime energy over standard solar panels.

21.1% Efficiency

SunPower P6 Performance Series utilises a proprietary shingled-cell design maximises durability in all types of weather conditions—including reinforced cell connections that withstand the stresses of daily temperature swings, redundant electrical paths that alleviate the impact of cell cracks, and an advanced electrical architecture that is more resilient to the effects of shade and mitigates hot-spot formation.


General Specifications

Manufacturer SunPower
Max Peak Power Over 300W

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 21.0000
Dimensions 1808 x 1086 x 30mm

Electrical Specifications

MPP Current 13.76
MPP Voltage 30.2
Module Efficiency 21.1%
Open Circuit Voltage 36.1
Short Circuit Current 14.66