6 inch Earth Anchor

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Provides up to 2,200 kg of holding power

Features / Description






6" Earth Anchor (Made to Military Specification MIL-A-3962E)

Soil conditions minimum vertical depth1 90 cm with 1/4 inch cable (6.35 mm)
Pullout Force
Hard pan soil
2,250 kg
Class 1 soil2 dense sand & gravel
1,350 kg
Class 2 soil2 medium sandy gravel
900 kg
Class 3 soil2 loose medium to fine sand
540 kg
Class 4 soil2 loose fine uncompacted sand
270 kg

1 In determining vertical depth to the earth anchor, the thickness of topsoil, peat, soft clay, and similar soft soils at ground surface should not be included.

2 The applicable class of soil is that present within a zone from the earth anchor to a point from one to three feet above the anchor depending upon the anchor size.


General Specifications

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Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 1.0000
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