ELMOFO: Electric Radical SR8 Race Vehicle Australia

Solar Power Australia, through our Electric Vehicle division ELMOFO, have built a high performance Electric Radical SR8 Race Vehicle. The objective of this project was to build an electric powered Radical that can mix it up on the track with the extremely high performance V8 powered Radical SR8s. Our performance modelling indicated that we will have more power and torque than the V8, but are carrying a lot more weight. Early track tests have shown some very good performance, so it should be an interesting comparison.

The Radical SR8 chassis and body design provides high aerodynamic down-force for physics-defying grip and cornering. The Radical SR8 is not able to be registered for on-road use in Australia, but it can be in England, much of Europe and some other parts of the world. The Radical SR8 currently holds the two (2) fastest Nurburging lap times for a road registered vehicle.

The ELMOFO Electric Radical features some of the highest performance EV components currently available. Some of these components have been designed and built specifically for this vehicle, but will have uses in other performance projects. These include a prototype dual-inline stack AC electric motor and prototype high output Lithium battery modules.

Photos and information on the vehicle will be progressively posted here, so stay tuned…

Additional information and updates can be found on the ELMOFO website and our ELMOFO facebook page.

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LMC Award Winners 2016 and 2018
ELMOFO 2018 Australian Engineering Excellence Award