Australian Resource Focus: Forecast is Fine

Australian Resource Focus: Forecast is Fine

Australian Resource Focus speaks with Brett Sutherland about Solar Power Australia, how the company has grown, where it’s going and why solar is so important.

As the article points out, the solar market is no longer a niche area, it’s a highly competitive and whether or not you believe in global warming, the cost of electricity is sky rocketing and most people are looking at ways to reduce their energy bill.

As Brett explains, "What they talk about now is solar power achieving grid parity, and they believe in Australia it’s pretty close. What that essentially means is that your investment to install a solar power system to produce an amount of energy will be recouped within 25 years, which is within the life of the system. The price of power from the grid is regularly increasing, whereas the cost of solar power is coming down. So it definitely has a place."

The full article is online at the AFR website. 

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