Gumtree asks; is it more environmentally friendly to drive a used car or a Tesla?

Depending on what assumptions are made and who you ask, a Tesla ranges from ‘as green as you can get’ to ‘dirtier than an SUV’. One of the biggest factors in deciding how green Tesla’s are though, is where you live.

So just how green are Tesla’s in Australia? How do they compare to driving a new or used vehicle?

Gumtree explores whether it is more environmentally friendly to drive a used car or a Tesla, and reached out to us to get our unique perspective.

When asked to comment about the benefits of electric vehicles, Brett Sutherland, Managing Director of Solar Power Australia replied:

“When taking into account the energy expended to produce petrol and diesel as well as the carbon dioxide and other toxic gases produced when burning that fuel, moving motor vehicles from fossil fuel to electric drive provides a considerable benefit to the environment. Installing solar panels to offset the electric vehicle’s energy consumption completes the cycle by utilising the sun’s energy to generate the power in lieu of other non-renewable means. Most people only drive up to 40km per day which equates to around 10kWh of energy per day. This amount of energy can be created with a relatively small 3kW solar power system.”

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