Solar Power Australia, through our Electric Vehicle division ELMOFO, have built a high performance Electric Radical SR8 Race Vehicle. The objective of this project was to build an electric powered Radical that can mix it up on the track with the extremely high performance V8 powered Radical SR8s. Our performance modelling indicated that we will have more power and torque than the V8, but are carrying a lot more weight. Early track tests have shown some very good performance, so it should be an interesting comparison.

The Radical SR8 chassis and body design provides high aerodynamic down-force for physics-defying grip and cornering. The Radical SR8 is not able to be registered for on-road use in Australia, but it can be in England, much of Europe and some other parts of the world. The Radical SR8 currently holds the two (2) fastest Nurburging lap times for a road registered vehicle.

The ELMOFO Electric Radical features some of the highest performance EV components currently available. Some of these components have been designed and built specifically for this vehicle, but will have uses in other performance projects. These include a prototype dual-inline stack AC electric motor and prototype high output Lithium battery modules.

Photos and information on the vehicle will be progressively posted here, so stay tuned…

Additional information and updates can be found on the ELMOFO website and our ELMOFO facebook page.


Solar Power Australia was contracted to design and install Stand Alone Solar Power Lighting Systems to illuminate two (2) double sided billboards on the M7 Motorway near Sydney NSW. The requirement was for lighting systems that could reliably provide light levels of 400 Lux on the billboard sign adverts for 7 hours after sunset and 3 hours before sunrise.

The billboards are located in the Dean Park and Eastern Creek regions of the M7 Motorway which are relatively remote with the nearest grid power supply at a distance of around 1.5km. The client requested that the solar panel array be mounted in a highly visible manner to promote the renewable energy aspect of these sites.

Each of the billboard solar power systems incorporated 27 x LG 225W Polycrystalline Solar Modules which had their output current boosted and regulated by an array of Outback FM60 MPPT Solar Regulators. The power is stored in large Hoppecke OPzV Gel deep cycle battery banks. Illumination to each side of the billboard is provided by 6 x 120W LED Floodlights.

Please contact us for more information about our solar powered billboard lighting systems.


Solar Power Australia is proud to have been a part of the “Panasonic Eclipse Live by Solar Power” event held at Port Douglas in November 2012.

Panasonic Japan commissioned Solar Power Australia to design and construct a portable solar power system to charge the Lithium battery packs to run all the camera and computer equipment required to film the total eclipse of the sun in Cairns and Port Doulas in QLD Australia. The equipment was also to be used to broadcast the live footage of the eclipse to hundreds of thousands of viewers around the globe.

Through the success of this project, Panasonic (powered by SPA) were able to capture some of the best footage of this spectacular event which was broadcast nationally on Australia’s Channel’s 7 and 9, as well as globally through the internet.

The most practical method to make a relatively large solar power system portable is to build it on a trailer. As the project required a considerable amount of energy production, even using the high efficiency Panasonic 235W HIT solar modules, the necessary number of modules would require a very large trailer. As such, we designed a system where the electronic components were housed in the payload area of a box trailer and the solar modules were attached to the side of the trailer and deployed on the ground.

The Panasonic Eclipse Solar Trailer system incorporated a 2.115kW solar array consisting of 9 x Panasonic 235W HIT solar modules. Boosting and regulation of the charge current was performed by a Midnite Classic 250 MPPT solar controller which fed the current to the 48V 216Ah Geltech storage battery bank. An Outback Power Systems VFX3048 Inverter Charger provided 230VAC power to run various equipment, while large DC-DC Converters provided power to charge the Lithium battery packs.

Please contact Solar Power Australia for more details or to provide us with your solar trailer requirements.


Solar Power Australia’s ST-235 Solar Communications Trailer was developed to service the growing distributed communications networks on mine sites. The ST-235 is designed to power a wireless mesh system based on the Rajant Breadcrumb LX series and have been providing reliable power for networks across Australia since 2008.

Fleets of ST-235 solar trailers have been deployed in all major mining regions of Australia including the Hunter Valley NSW, Mackay QLD, South Australia and the Pilbara Region in WA.

The ST-235 is manufactured to the MDG-15 Mining Specification and incorporate a high efficiency Sanyo/Panasonic HIT solar module, ultra-reliable Blue Sky Energy Solarboost MPPT solar controller, long-life Gel deep cycle batteries, stainless steel equipment enclosure and hot dip galvanised trailer chassis and components.

Please contact us for more information on our range of solar trailers.


Solar Power Australia’s solar powered bus shelter lighting systems increase public safety and reduce the likelihood of vandalism. These purpose-built solar lighting systems are adaptable to most bus shelter designs and have sufficient energy production to provide light from dusk til dawn.

Our bus shelter lighting systems incorporate low profile, light weight UNI-SOLAR flexible solar panels. The UNI-SOLAR stick-on amorphous thin-film solar modules virtually become part of the bus shelter roof. These vandal resistant glass-less modules are more shade and heat tolerant than typical crystalline modules and are better suited to pick-up incident light.

The power from the UNI-SOLAR modules is directed to the maintenance-free gel batteries via an advanced Blue Sky Energy Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar controller. These US built controllers boost the daily energy production by up to 30% and they have proven to be one of the most reliable MPPT solar regulators currently available.

Solar Power Australia designed and supplied one of these bus shelter solar lighting systems for Newcastle City Council. The system, which features vandal resistant LED strip lights, was installed in Mayfield NSW on one of their busiest bus shelters.

Please contact us for more information on these systems.



Solar Power Australia’s conversion of a DeLorean DMC-12 to a performance Electric Vehicle was completed in June 2012. We are pleased to say that the conversion was a success with the electric drive providing much better performance than the V6 petrol engine.

Our DMCEV Electric DeLorean is charged from outlets in solar powered buildings or our mobile solar trailer. As such, this electric vehicle is EMISSION FREE!

Additional information and updates can be found on the ELMOFO website and our DMC-EV facebook page.


1981 DeLorean DMC-12

Original Motor:
2.8L PRV V6
95kW (130hp) 207Nm Torque

Electric Motor:
EVO Electric AFM140 Axial Flux Motor
167kW (224hp) 612Nm Torque

Motor Control:
Rinehart Motion Systems PM100DXR Motor Controller
450Amp AC Liquid Cooled Inverter

Battery System:
A123 Systems Lithium Ion Nanophosphate Modules
370V(nom) 405V (peak) 22kWh

Battery Charging:
3.5kW CAN Controlled On-Board Charger

Recharge Time:
Typically 4 to 5 hours
Full charge from flat in under 7 hours

Vehicle Range:
130km with Regenerative Braking in use