Solar Lighting for Bus Shelter

Solar Power Australia’s solar powered bus shelter lighting systems increase public safety and reduce the likelihood of vandalism. These purpose-built solar lighting systems are adaptable to most bus shelter designs and have sufficient energy production to provide light from dusk til dawn.

Our bus shelter lighting systems incorporate low profile, light weight UNI-SOLAR flexible solar panels. The UNI-SOLAR stick-on amorphous thin-film solar modules virtually become part of the bus shelter roof. These vandal resistant glass-less modules are more shade and heat tolerant than typical crystalline modules and are better suited to pick-up incident light.

The power from the UNI-SOLAR modules is directed to the maintenance-free gel batteries via an advanced Blue Sky Energy Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar controller. These US built controllers boost the daily energy production by up to 30% and they have proven to be one of the most reliable MPPT solar regulators currently available.

Solar Power Australia designed and supplied one of these bus shelter solar lighting systems for Newcastle City Council. The system, which features vandal resistant LED strip lights, was installed in Mayfield NSW on one of their busiest bus shelters.

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