Solar Powered Lighting for Billboards and Signs

Solar Power Australia was contracted to design and install Stand Alone Solar Power Lighting Systems to illuminate two (2) double sided billboards on the M7 Motorway near Sydney NSW. The requirement was for lighting systems that could reliably provide light levels of 400 Lux on the billboard sign adverts for 7 hours after sunset and 3 hours before sunrise.

The billboards are located in the Dean Park and Eastern Creek regions of the M7 Motorway which are relatively remote with the nearest grid power supply at a distance of around 1.5km. The client requested that the solar panel array be mounted in a highly visible manner to promote the renewable energy aspect of these sites.

Each of the billboard solar power systems incorporated 27 x LG 225W Polycrystalline Solar Modules which had their output current boosted and regulated by an array of Outback FM60 MPPT Solar Regulators. The power is stored in large Hoppecke OPzV Gel deep cycle battery banks. Illumination to each side of the billboard is provided by 6 x 120W LED Floodlights.

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