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ELMOFO E-Cells ALB52-106 Lithium Battery

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Module Voltage (Nom): 51.8 Vdc
Module Capacity: 106 Ah
Module Energy: 5.490 kWh
Module Dimensions (L x W x H): 372 x 229 x 324mm
Life Expectancy: > 10 years

Advanced Lithium Battery with Kokam Cell Technology

Features / Description

Designed and assembled in Australia, ELMOFO E-Cells are made for Australian conditions. The modules employ Kokam's advanced Lithium cell technology - rigorously tested and refined to produce one of the most energy dense storage systems available today. 

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Module Voltage (Nominal) 51.8 Vdc
Module Capacity 106 Ah
Module Energy Capacity 5.490 kWh
Usable Energy (Maximum) 4.940 kWh
Usable Energy (Long Life) 4.392 kWh
Maximum Current Draw (Ind / EV) 848 Amps
Recommended ESS Current Draw 106 Amps
Recommended ESS Inverter Rating 5.5 kW
Module Weight 41.0 kg
Module Dimensions (L x W x H) 372 x 229 x 324mm
Module Energy Density by Weight 134 Wh/kg
Cycle Life (1C/1C to 80% DOD) > 6000 cycles
Life Expectancy > 10 years
Battery Management System (BMS)   Inside

Energy storage systems reduce power bills and provide blackout protection for essential appliances - more and more people are adopting this technology in their homes. Teamed with an effective solar array, it's easy to gain energy independence for your home with ELMOFO E-Cells.
For industries with significant power requirements and high energy consuming equipment, ELMOFO E-Cells offer an efficient energy solution. Capable of high discharge currents and featuring a very long cycle life, these batteries are available in industry standard voltages of 24 and 48Vdc.
The ELMOFO E-Cells have a proven performance record in Electric Race Vehicles. The high energy density modules (up to 134Wh/kg) equal higher capacity for less weight. The high C-rate discharge is ideal for high-performance applications and is suitable for DC Fast Charging.
The same attributes that make the ELMOFO E-Cells a superior choice for electric vehicles apply to your marine requirements. The clean, anodised, machined aluminium finish is perfect for premium installations & maximum durability.

Proven Experience

ELMOFO E-Cells have been tried and tested under extreme conditions to guarantee high-performance and durability.


General Specifications

Manufacturer ELMOFO

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 41.0000
Dimensions 372 x 229 x 324mm

Electrical Specifications

Battery Voltage 51.8 Vdc
Battery Tech Lithium
Battery Energy Capacity 5.490 kWh


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