ELMOFO Lithium Battery Modules

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  • ELMOFO Lithium Battery Modules
  • ELMOFO Lithium Battery Modules
  • ELMOFO Lithium Battery Modules
  • ELMOFO Lithium Battery Modules
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ELMOFO AMR 24V 120AH High Power Lithium Battery Module

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Quick Overview

Voltage: 25.9Vdc
Capacity: 120Ah
Dimensions: 350x250x250mm
Unit Weight: 26kg

Product Description

The new high power Lithium ion batteries from Electromotive Force (ELMOFO™) are more powerful and provide more energy than traditional lead acid and most Lithium based batteries.

Li-Ion batteries are lighter than lead acid batteries, combined with more usable power per battery they take up significantly less room. Using an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) from Batrium Technologies the ELMOFO™ battery modules are designed with safety and a long life in mind. 

Incorporating a BMS node controller on each internal cell and using CANbus communications, you can also keep a careful eye on the condition of your batteries.

Thanks to the integrated BMS, the only external component needed  is the BMS master unit which incorporates the necessary contactor. Only one BMS master is required for each battery system - allowing for simple installation and hassle free maintenance.


Lithium Module Specifications


  • Very high current delivery
  • Stable, near constant voltage output
  • Auto start/stop cooling fans controlled by cell temperature
  • Low weight, high capacity
  • Long lifetime
  • Kokam Li-Po cells
  • Batrium integrated BMS

     Typical Applications

  • Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • Hybrid Grid back-up
  • Remote area power systems
  • Communications systems
  • Electric vehicles
  • Marine environments
  • Military & Aviation
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • CCTV & Data Transfer
Model: ELMOFO 24-120
Voltage: 25.9 Vnom
Capacity: 120Ah
Energy: 3,108 Wh

1800 A (10 sec)
960 A (Continuous @ 23°C)

Charge: 360 Amps (Max @ 23°C)
Weight: 26kg
BMS Nodes: Inside Module
BMS Master: External to Module
Cooling: Dual Internal Fans
Cycle Life: 8,000 @ 20% DOD
6,000 @ 50% DOD
4,000 @ 80% DOD
2,000 @ 100% DOD 


Why ELMOFO™ Lithium Ion Batteries?

Superior “Usable” Capacity

Unlike lead acid batteries, it is considered practical to regularly use 80% or more of the rated capacity of a lithium battery bank. Typically only 30% to 50% of energy is available for use from a lead acid battery.

Extended Cycle Life

You could expect to see more than 4,000 cycles out of a well cared for Lithium battery bank. In contrast, even the best deep cycle Lead Acid batteries are typically only good for 500-1000 cycles.

Fast & Efficient Charging

Lithium batteries can be “fast” charged to 100% of capacity. Unlike with lead acid, there is no need for an absorption phase to get the final 20% stored. This can save generator run time in remote area power systems.

Unlike Lead Acid, there is no requirement to fully charge Lithium batteries each time. Failure to regularly fully charge Lithium batteries does not damage the cells.

Very Little Wasted Energy

Lithium batteries are more efficient at storing power. They charge at nearly 100% efficiency compared to around 85% efficiency of most Lead Acid batteries. This can be particularly important with solar power systems.

Little Maintenance Requirements

Thanks to the advanced features and robust design of the Australian made Batrium Battery Management System (BMS), the ELMOFO Li-Po battery modules require little ongoing work to keep them in top condition.

Near Constant Voltage

The discharge curve of the ELMOFO Lithium batteries is essentially flat. As such, a 20% charged battery will be providing nearly the same output voltage as an 80% charged battery.

This all but eliminates "Voltage Sag" issues with sensitive equipment requiring a constant voltage to operate at peak efficiency, such as those found in Telecommunications, Motorsport and Industrial Instrumentation applications.

Size & Weight Advantages

Lithium batteries are much smaller & lighter than Lead Acid batteries of the same capacity. 100Ah of Lithium will easily deliver 80Ah regardless of the discharge rate. 230 amp hours of AGM can only safely deliver 70 to 115Ah, depending on the discharge rate. So not only is lithium smaller and lighter than AGM per Ah, you need significantly less stored Ah to get the same usable capacity.


Battery Cells by Kokam:

  • Excellent energy density
  • Excellent power-to-energy balance
  • High cycle life
  • Longer battery life
  • Low impedance and heat generation provide improved safety
  • Lightweight
  • SLPB manufacturing process patented by Kokam
  • Low self-discharge rates

BMS by Batrium Technologies

  • Monitors input and output current in each cell at all times
  • Knows the difference between and fully charged and nearly empty cell is only 0.125V
  • Knows that values depend on time and temperature
  • Uses complex algorithms to calculate state of charge levels quickly and accurately
  • Through accurate SOC measurements it protects the cells against deep discharge.
  • Interrupts charging before any one cell is overcharged
  • Monitors internal temperatures
  • Balanced cell charging
  • Diagnostic capabilities included for logging and real-time analysis

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