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Outback Alino ATL5048E 5000W 80A 48VDC Multimode Inverter

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48V 5000W Pure Sine Wave Multimode Inverter Charger
Built-in 80A 450VDC Solar Charge Controller - Drive AC Loads from PV Array
Fully Programmable Battery Charger for Lead Acid and Lithium-ion Batteries
Install With or Without Battery Storage

Features / Description

The Alino TL by Outback Power offers a complete inverter and a solar charge controller in one attractive, compact package. This inverter is certified to IEC62109-1 and -2 and carries the CE mark. The Alino TL family can work with a wide variety of batteries from flooded lead-acid batteries to sealed VRLA (AGM and Gel) as well as lithium-ion batteries.

The Alino TL has the ability to start with a small battery bank and add batteries later, flexibility that is valued in international markets. The Alino TL can also be used as a backup power source in applications where no solar panels are available. The Alino TL comes with numerous modes that can help the user optimize its use for the market.

A 24-hour timer helps to switch the modes. The Alino TL is capable of being monitored by Outback Power’s well-known cloud-based OPTICS RE monitoring system, accessible on any internet-enabled device.


General Specifications

Manufacturer Outback

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 12.0000
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 115mm

Electrical Specifications

Battery Voltage 48V
Charge Current 80A
Efficiency 93% (typical)
Output Surge Power 10000VA (5 sec)
Output Continuous Power 5000VA