Plasmatronics PL 200A Shunt Kit

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Plasmatronics PL 200A Shunt Kit

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Quick Overview

Suit PL Series Regulators
Includes 200A Shunt
PLS2 Shunt Adaptor
PL Interface cable
Shunt Connection Cable

Product Description

Supporting the monitoring of loads or charging sources up to 200 Amps, our Plasmatronics 200A Shunt Kits include:


  • PLS2 Bi-directional Shunt Adaptor
  • Large 200A/75mV Shunt
  • WY (or WZ) PL Interface Cable
  • Cable to Connect PLS2 to Shunt

An external shunt set-up allows the PL series regulators to monitor large loads such as inverters, or charging sources such as wind turbines or battery chargers that are rated too high to be connected directly to the regulator.

The PLS2 is a bidirectional shunt adaptor which allows the connection of an external shunt to a Plasmatronics PL series regulator.

The bi-directional functionality means that it will differentiate between currents that flow in each direction. This allows a single shunt to be used for say an inverter/charger whereby current flowing out of the batteries will be recorded as a "Load" reading and current flowing into the batteries will be recorded as a "Charge" reading.

A single PL series regulator can support 1 or 2 shunts. Each shunt requires it's own PLS2 adaptor, interface cable, connection cable and, if 2 shunts are used, a double RJ adaptor will be required.

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Manufacturer Plasmatronics
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