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Sterling Pro Charge Ultra 12V 20A Smart Battery Charger

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12V 20A Smart Battery Charger, The ultimate battery charging system

Features / Description

Sterling have raised the bar so high with their latest range of battery chargers is leaves the competition far behind.

  • ELEVEN Pre programmed battery curves including LifePo4
  • One custom setting that can be set from charger, no need for a computer
  • POWER METER to show what reserve power is left
  • PFC ACTIVE power factor correction active , up to 0.99pf, ensuring efficient power conversion , up to almost 90% as opposed to about 50% for older non-pfc technology
  • New synchronised rectification output, giving an extra 10% efficiency over as opposed to using a diode
  • High voltage De-Sulphation cycle
  • New low activity , standby mode to increase battery life
  • Battery Health program
  • Multiple speed fan control to reduce unnecessary fan noise
  • Primary (processor digitally controlled) and an emergency back up secondary (analogue controlled) high voltage trip
  • 32 L.E.D information panel
  • Internal scan and systems check
  • Remote Control (Optional*)
  • Small footprint and light weight
  • Included battery temperature sensor
  • As with our Marine Chargers all metals are non-ferrous
  • Approvals electrical safety AE12456EA and CTick N14525
  • 3 Outputs PFC Charger 110 and 230V 50-60 hz (2 outputs on 10A model)
  • Specifications are for the 12V 60A amp model, all other units pro rata.


General Specifications

Manufacturer Sterling

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 2.0000
Dimensions 260 x 215 x 90mm

Electrical Specifications

Battery Voltage 12V
Charge Current 20A
Stages 3 stages (Bulk, Absorb, Float)


View File Sterling PCU Datasheet Size: (2.68 MB)
View File Sterling PCU Manual Size: (11.59 MB)