Studer MBC 24V 8A IP65 Battery Charger

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Studer MBC 24V 8A IP65 Battery Charger

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Quick Overview

Studer 24V 8A IP65 Battery Charger
Waterproof Unit!
Set and forget charging - leave it plugged in


The MBC range of battery chargers by Studer-Innotech are robust weatherproof units designed for use with all types of lead-acid chargeable batteries, including Gel and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). It is a fully automatic charger with a UI charging characteristic, meaning the charger can be permanently connected to the battery without the risk of overcharging.

When the battery is fully charged the MBC Battery Charger automatically switches over to the float charg setting. (yellow and green LED lit, 13.8/27.6 V). This will continue until the charger is switched off.

The charger automatically starts the mains charging mode after a mains-break (yellow LED lit 14.4/28.8 V). The charger is waterproof (IP65).


The MBC can simply be placed in any position on a clean and dry surface using 4 screws or bolts. Connect the red wire to the positive battery terminal and the black wire to the negative battery terminal, then plug the mains cable to a 230 Vac mains voltage outlet.



Manufacturer Studer


Weight (Kg) 5.0000
Dimensions 195 x 100 x 47mm


Battery Voltage 12V
Charge Current 15A
Stages 2 stages (Bulk, Regulate)


View File Studer MBC Datasheet Size: (1.92 MB)
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