Studer VarioTrack 65A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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Studer VarioTrack 65A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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Quick Overview

65A MPPT Solar Controller
IP 54 Rating
Swiss Made
Incredibly Versatile
5 Year Warranty
Ideal for Industrial Applications
MPPT provides up to 25% boost in daily energy production!
Can be used with solar array up to 150V

Product Description

Maximize the energy generated from solar panels by adding a VarioTrack solar charge controller with maximum power point tracker (MPPT) to any solar installation.

The solar charge controller, VarioTrack, contains the MPPT algorithm that continously tracks the maximum power point and automatically charges the batteries in an optimal way with all the available solar power meaning more output for your money compared to PWM or Shunt regulators.



  • Easy and safe commissioning with full protection against incorrect wiring
  • Rugged and durable, this device is designed to perform in harsh environmental conditions (IP54)
  • High conversion efficiency, 98%
  • Up to 15 VarioTrack in parallel for large solar arrays
  • 4 step charger to enhance battery life
  • Low self-consumption <1W in night time mode
  • Display with 7 LEDs showing status and current
  • Comprehensive display, programming and datalogging with the versatile RCC-02/-03 accessory
  • Optimal usage in an Xtender system with a synchronized battery management



Model VT-65
Nominal Battery Volage 12V / 24V / 48V DC
Maximum Solar Power Recommended  1000W / 2000W / 4000W
Maximum Solar VOC 80VDC / 150VDC / 150VDC
Maximum Solar VMP 75VDC / 145VDC / 145VDC
Maximum Output Current 65A
Nominal Battery Voltages Automatic or Manual set to 12 / 24 / 48VDC
Operating Voltage Range Above battery voltage, minimum 7V
Power Efficiency 98%
Maximum Standby Consumption 0.5W / 0.8W / 1.2W
Battery Charge Modes 4 Stage: Bulk, Absorbtion, Float, Equalisation
Electronic Protection PV & Battery Reverse Polarity
Operating Ambiant Temperature Range -20 to 55 Degrees
Humidity 100%
Ingress Protection of Enclosures IP54, IEC/EN60529:2001
Mounting Location Indoor
Warranty 5 Year
Weight 5.2kG
Dimensions h/w/l (mm) 120 / 220 / 310
Parallel Operation (separated PV arrays) Up to 15 devices
Max wire size 35mm2
Glands M 20 x 1.5
Network Cabling Studer Communication Bus
Remote Display and Controller RCC02 / 03 / Xcom 232i
Data Logging With RCC02 / 03 and SD card


Additional Information

Manufacturer Studer Innotech
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