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UNI-SOLAR PVL 136 136W Flexible Amorphous Thin Film Solar Panel (Adhesive Backing) UNISOLAR

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Quick Overview

Flexible, Lightweight, Durable, Shade Tolerant, High Temperature Performance

24VDC 5486 x 394mm
Max Power: 4.13A @ 33.0V

Product Description

Model PVL 136
Rated Power 136 Watts
Operating Voltage 33 V 
Open Circuit Voltage 46.2 V
Operating Current 4.13 A 
Short Circuit Current 5.1 A 
 Dimensions 5486 x 394 x 4 mm 
 Weight 7.7 kg 
Design Life > 20 years


Lightweight - UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are extremely lightweight with only 3.6 kg / m2 or 0.7 lbs / sq. ft.

Easy to install - UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are easy to install. They incorporate quick-connect Multicontact leads and an adhesive backing.

Flexible - UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are flexible, offering freedom of design to architects and they can also conform to curved surfaces.

Durable - Glass-free, encapsulated in UV-stabilised, weather resistant polymers, UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are resistant to wind and hail.

Two particular features of UNI-SOLAR modules that make them attractive in the Australasian market are their superior performance in both high temperatures and shade. In comparison to crystalline modules, the amorphous silicon technology used in UNI-SOLAR modules ensures that system performance is less affected by high temperatures and partial shading.

As the most proven, roof friendly solar solution, UNI-SOLAR has been installed by a number of leading global companies including Aldi, General Motors, K-Mart, Ikea, Target and Westfield with systems up to 12 MW in size, delivering superior power production for those seeking high energy savings and a greater return on investment.

Read more here about why we use and recommend Uni Solar flexible PV laminates.

Additional Information

Manufacturer UniSolar
Max Peak Power 100W to 150W
All Prices are in AU$ and include GST