Victron Orion Smart 12/12-18A DC-DC Charger Isolated

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Victron Orion Smart 12/12-18A DC-DC Charger Isolated

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12VDC to 12VDC Isolated Smart Battery Charger 

18A Isolated 

IP22 for Indoor Use 

Features Bluetooth connectivity

Features / Description

The Victron Isolated 12/12-18 DC-DC Charger is a high-quality charger designed for efficiently converting a 12V DC input to a stable 12V DC output. With its isolated design, it provides enhanced protection and optimal performance for charging secondary batteries in dual-battery systems.

With a maximum charging current of 18A and a power output of up to 240W, this charger efficiently charges your secondary battery, including lithium batteries. Its advanced technology automatically adjusts the charging parameters based on the battery's state of charge and condition, ensuring safe and effective charging, especially for lithium batteries.

The isolated design ensures electrical separation between the input and output sides, protecting your batteries and connected devices from voltage spikes and ground loops. This charger is compatible with a wide range of DC power sources, including solar panels and alternators, making it versatile for various applications.

Compact and robust, the Victron Isolated 12/12-18 DC-DC Charger is built to withstand tough conditions, delivering reliable performance even in demanding environments. Its easy installation and operation make charging hassle-free.

Choose the Victron Isolated 12/12-18 DC-DC Charger for efficient charging of your secondary batteries, including lithium batteries. Experience enhanced performance, protection, and peace of mind with Victron's trusted quality.


General Specifications

SKU V-Orion 12/12-18-isolated
Manufacturer Victron

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (Kg) 2.0000
Dimensions 130 x 186 x 70mm

Electrical Specifications

Battery Voltage 12V
Charge Current 18
Stages 3 stages (Bulk, Absorb, Float)


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